OK Franchise Stores

Mama Chaka’s meals comprising 7 variants are listed with the OK Franchise Stores nationally. The meals will be supplied to the stores via a distributor appointed by Mama Chaka’s. Deliveries are planned to commence in the Western Cape in June 2018.

After the launch of the meals and the penetration of the Western Cape market the distribution will be expanded to include Gauteng, OFS and Kwazulu Natal.

The goal is to have the meals available nationally by mid 2019.

Product NumberProduct DescriptionUnit Size
BSB400GBeef Bolognese Mince with Spaghetti400g
BCC400GBeef Chilli Con Carne with Rice400g
BCR400GBeef Curry with Veggies and Rice400g
BSM400GBeef Savory Mince with Veggies and Rice400g
BSS400GBeef Stew with Samp and Beans400g
CCR400GChicken Curry with Veggies and Rice400g
CSS400GChicken Stew with Samp and Beans400g