Frozen Meals

Pre-Packed Frozen Meals

  • The pre-packed meals are 400g that consist of 250g protein, sauce and veggies and 150g starch.
  • Our current product line is as follows: Beef Goulash meals –Beef Stew and Beef Curry, Chicken Goulash meals –Chicken Stew and Chicken Curry, Beef Mince meals –Savoury Mince, Bolognese and Chilli Con Carne
  • These protein lines are combined with a starch of choice, the standard starches being: Rice, Mash, Pasta, Samp and beans
  • The meals are labelled, barcoded, marked with an expiry dateand packed in boxes of 8
  • The meals are blast frozen and delivered at -18 deg.C to the distribution depots where they are stored at the same temperature and delivered to the stores on order.
  • Pre-packed frozen meals with starch are a delicious and nutritious home meal replacement (HMR) option.
  • The meals are prepared using only the best natural ingredients under strict health and safety standards.
  • The portion sizeis generous and offers excellent value for money. The packaging has a transparent lid with a label containing all the required information and the container is microwaveable .
  • The barcode also allows for smooth Point of Sale scanning and the label includes an expiry date.
  • In the meal options where the starch is separate the wholesaler or retailer can request the starch option best suited to their clientele.
  • The meals are also packed in mixed boxes to provide the wholesaler and retailer more variety.

Bulk Frozen Meals

  • The current bulk frozen meal product line is: Beef Goulash meals -Beef Stew and Beef Curry, Chicken Goulash meals –Chicken Stew and Chicken Curry, Beef Mince meals –Savory Mince, Bolognese, Chili Con Carne
  • The bulk meals are packed into 1kg, 2kg or 5kg vacuum bags.
  • The bulk meals are packed, vacuumed, labelled and barcoded and blast frozen.
  • Bulk meals include the protein, sauce and veggies but exclude starches.
  • Bulk Vendors generally price the food at a price per kg and use a scale to weigh the portions.
  • Bulk Vendors generally defrost the meals, heat them and serve from a bain-marie or similar.
  • The bulk frozen meal products are perfect for canteens and catering operations.
  • A customer is able to have consistent stock on hand ready to serve which eliminates the procurement, labour and costs of preparing food on a daily basis.
  • Furthermore, it is relatively easy to monitor portion size versus sales figures to allow the canteen to manage their margins and portion control.
  • From an expiry date perspective, there is significantly less risk of product going past the expiry date.
  • This is supported by our ability to supply frozen bulk meals in quantities that limit wastage.