Mama Chaka’s Franchise

For the residents of the townships who commute to and from the cities every day, preparing meals with limited facilities and time available, is a challenge. For most a simple meal bought from a spaza comprising a half loaf of bread and a tin of pilchards or similar is the most likely and affordable option. For the permanent residents with a wife or mother at home to cook, the menu is a little more comprehensive but still subject to budget constraints.

The “MAMACHAKA’S” concept is designed to provide this target market with freshly prepared, wholesome and nutritious frozen meals cooked the way “Mama” used to. The meals are packed in sealed and labelled containers and delivered to the franchisee’s as often as is required. The Franchisee’s are supplied with display freezers, fridges and microwave ovens or Bain-Marie’s. This allows the franchisee to defrost and heat the meals for the customers on demand or supply them frozen to take home.

The “MAMACHAKA’S” franchise is a supply based franchise and the franchisees are required to undertake very limited preparation of the meals. The meals are prepared in our central kitchen using proprietary recipes and fresh product. The meals are chilled and frozen after packing and then delivered in refrigerated vehicles. Every meal has a batch code and an expiry date which the franchisee is obliged in terms of the franchise agreement, to adhere to.

  • It is not essential for the franchisee to have extensive skills, but a sound knowledge of the cooked meals, their preparation and serving method as well as hygiene and cleanliness is mandatory. Franchisees are also selected based on their standing in their local communities and their commitment to quality and service excellence.
  • The complete kiosk and all the equipment required is detailed further in this section, headed “franchise package”.
  • This franchise package is an integral part of the “MAMA CHAKA’S” franchise and is required by all franchisees for each retail site.
  • The franchisee must qualify for the rental facility to fund the franchise packages in his or her exclusive area either through his or her own bank or via the Franchisor.
  • Failure to qualify for the rental of a franchise package in terms of the rental agreement would render the franchise agreement null and void.

Franchise Package

Spaza Franchise Package